Octopus Cloud - Static IP & Migration


  1. Is the URL given after creating an instance is backed by a static IP? can we rely on it? If I ping xxx.octopus.app, would it be it?
  2. Same as for outbounds, the instance would access resources using this IP?
  3. How would you recommend migrating for self-hosted to your new cloud?


Hi Tom,

Thanks for getting in touch!

OK, let’s see about some answers

  1. The IP is not guaranteed static at the moment. If an instance fails and gets replaced, the IP will change.

We’re looking into options for providing static IPs, but at the moment we’re recommending that customers either use Polling mode Tentacles, use the DNS name (if your firewalls can do reverse lookups) or automate your firewalls to do a lookup on xxx.octopus.app and allow the returned IP.

  1. Yes, outbound traffic originates from that IP address. We’re not using proxies or gateways for outbound traffic on the standard plans (future Enterprise editions may differ)
  2. We’re actively working on a new set of migration tools at the moment. I don’t have an ETA yet, other than “soon”, but they are a very high priority.

We can manually assist with a migration, using provided backups, but it’s not an immediate process. Emailing support can get you started on that if you want to go down that road, but the migration tools could drop at any time.