Octopus Cloud missing Let's Encrypt module

We’ve been evaluating Octopus Cloud and overall we are pretty keen. Just two roadblocks really.

  1. We can’t deploy in Australia (some Australian company you are! :stuck_out_tongue:)
  2. We can’t assign our own CNAME due to the Let’s Encrypt module being missing

It is ok for internal use, but if we want Tenants to have access to see what we’ve deployed for them, then we would want to use octopus.mycompany.com not mycompany123.octopus.app.

Seems minor, but do you guys use octopus123@yahoo.com as your public email address for customers? Nope, and we don’t want to either :smile:

Please add back the excellent Let’s Encrypt module in Octopus Cloud and route port 80 or just .well-known/acme-challenge/ to the relevant instance. Customers can create their own CNAME record, and we are back in our happy place / domain.

Hi Aaron,

Thanks for getting in touch. I have just recently responded to your first point regarding Octopus Cloud in Australia.

With regards to CNAMEs this is an option that we may offer, however it isn’t on our roadmap right now.

You could consider adding a uservoice suggestion for this feature, and given enough community support/votes, we will consider adding it as a feature in Octopus Cloud.


Ref: https://octopusdeploy.uservoice.com/forums/170787-general/suggestions/37975648-install-let-s-encrypt-module-on-octopus-cloud-to-e

Thanks @anon29204547 I have added it. It will be a bit chicken and egg getting votes though, since some users will be staying away from ODC because this capability it not listed.

It not really a new feature. You already have the working Let’s Encrypt module in hand. More a configuration change to install it… very tiny :mag: :wink: … before :coffee: even.