Octopus.Client only returns the latest package for a feed

If I access the api directly I can use a single package id and return all the packages


But if I use Octopus.Client I can only provide a list of package ids. And even if I provide a single package id it will only return the latest package.

 var feedResource = repository.Feeds.FindByName("my-feed");
 var packageResources = repository.Feeds.GetVersions(feedResource, new []{ "my-package-id" });

I can see in fiddler that the request is slightly different. It has packageIds instead of packageId


Is it possible to get all packages with Octopus.Client for a feed?


Thanks for reaching out. I’m afraid that’s only available using the REST API. If you could file a suggestion in uservoice to get this added to the Octopus.client, we might consider doing it.




Thanks, but I saw now that you support raw access to the api through the client. I could list all packages with:

var packageResources = repository.Client.Get<List<PackageResource>>(feedResource.Links["SearchTemplate"], new { packageId = "my-package-id" });