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I have a machine that is configured as a listening tentacle and it can be connected by machine discovery fine, however, the Octopus server sits behind a proxy and as such in Octopus we have to select the appropriate proxy.

I’m currently attempting to add a deployment target to an environment via the Octopus Client and all works well if the proxy isn’t required. I can’t find an obvious way to do the Octopus Client equivalent of ticking the ‘Use a proxy’ option.

Without the proxy simply using:

_repository.Machines.Discover(“host”, 12345);

works, I thought there may have been an overload for Discover that accepts a ProxyResource but I can’t find anything.

Could you please advise how I might achieve this?

We’re using Octopus 3.13.3 (looking to upgrade very soon though!).

Thanks in advance,

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Hi Tyler,

Thank you for getting in touch. If you are using the synchronous client, the OctopusServerEndpoint type has a Proxy property that takes an implementation of IWebProxy. For some reason .NET doesn’t include a default implementation, so you will have to write your own (example)

If you are using the AsyncClient, the OctopusAsyncClient.Create method takes an options object that contains the proxy details.

Rob W

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Hi Robert,

I ran across this issue as well, and I think there’s a misunderstanding about what Tyler is asking for (assuming I understand it correctly).
I’ve opened the following issue with the Octopus Client to point out what needs to be done to allow for discovery via a proxy between Octopus and a listening tentacle.

Also, I’ve included a workaround in the issue as well, so Tyler maybe that will work for you until the update is made to the Octopus Client.


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Thanks both - I was meant to be come back and respond sooner. Andrew, that’s exactly what I was after, that’s got me round the issue.

Thanks loads.


(Robert Wagner) #6

Ah I understand now, thanks. I’ve added PR and will merge and release once it’s reviewed

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