Octopus bash script for 'update_progress' fails with unbound variable error

Our bash scripts use stript checking for unbound variables by default (set -eu), which we see as good/best practice. The Octopus update_progress script appears to fail due to unbound variables.

A bash script with:

update_progress 50

will through as error like:

/home/Octopus/Work/20210829105533-1188-40/Configure.46a-4a79-8098-bf771f218318.sh: line 574: $2: unbound variable

A workaround is to always provide a message, even if blank:

update_progress 50 ""

The Octopus bash script library should ideally not have reference unbound variables.

Hi Aaron,
Thanks for reaching out with this issue - we always appreciate our customers letting us know how to improve our product.

I reproduced this issue very clearly in our test labs and have created a GH issue for our Dev team to tackle.

See here for progress on this:

I don’t have a fixed date for the resolution of this but as it gets fixed I will come back and update this ticket.

Let me know if you need anything else,
Kind Regards,

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Thank you for creating the issue @paraic.oceallaigh :pray:

The workaround is pretty easy so can do that until sorted.

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