Octopus API call from tentacle on port 10933

Here’s a scenario. A tentacle runs in AWS and connects to a OD server on a corporate network via port 10933. The tentacle needs to execute a deployment script which uses OD API. The OD server isn’t public. Is there a way to execute API calls from the tentacle via the 10933 TCP port?

To clarify, a specific item I’m looking to retrieve from OD API is a certificate file (.pfx) with its private key. Not sure if there is a work around to avoid calling the API

HI Alan,

If I understand your question correctly, the answer is no, however I’m not entirely sure I do understand the question. So let me just check my thinking

  • You have a listening mode tentacle in AWS, which listens on 10933
  • Your Octopus server is inside the corporate firewall, and can’t be contacted from outside
  • You want to invoke the Octopus API from the Tentacle host

If that’s the scenario, then no, it’s not possible to call the API from the tentacle in that specific case.

You can certainly run code on the Octopus server during a deployment, though, and you should be able to put a certificate into a variable in your deployment, and use it on the tentacle as per the following article:

With that, you can push the cert onto the tentacle target, avoiding the need to pull it via the API.

Although maybe I misunderstand the request. Do feel free to correct me if my understanding is way off.