Octopus 4.x way to see variables in Variable Snapshot grouped by Library Variable Set?

Octopus Server Version Number: 4.1.1


In Octopus 3.x when viewing a Release’s Variable Snapshot, the variables were grouped by Library Variable Set. Since we have a Library Variable Set for each instance of our application, this made it convenient to view the variables used for the given instance of our application (Library Variable Set).

In Octopus 4.x, variables are grouped by variable Name. Has this capability been removed? Is the thought that you’d instead use filtering to filter by the Source column?

Thank you for all the hard work and for creating such a great product!


Hi Kevin,

Thanks for getting in touch! With the addition of the Source information being displayed in v4, the thought is that you would use the Source filtering option in the snapshot. I can see what you mean about variables being sorted alphabetically by name with the variable set name as the source for each. Does this new method of sorting by variable set work alright for what you’re after?

We appreciate the kind works by the way! Thank you :slight_smile:

Please let us know if you have any further questions or concerns going forward.

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Hi Kenneth!

I think filtering by Source will probably work fine for us.

Thank you!