Octopus 3.0 falis to install

I have been trying to install the latest Octopus on one of the servers. I am trying to generate the database on the different server which I see gets created successfully but the Octopus installation fails and I see the below in the error log. Please help me fix this issue so that I can further configure with my teamcity.

OctopusServer.txt (9 KB)

Hi Shubra,

Thanks for getting in touch!

Looking at the log you’ve provided, it appears that the database is pre-existing. There is an unexpected table in the database dba.ChangeLog, which is causing the error.

On install/upgrade, Octopus removes any unexpected indexes (as these have caused a lot of pain in the past), and it is failing as the user that is connecting to the database doesn’t have the rights to remove that index. Octopus expects to have no thirdparty tables or schemas in the database.

If its an existing database, can you ensure it is completely empty, and run the install again?

Let me know how you get on.