Octopus 2.4 Email Confirmation


In Octopus 2.4 when we get a confirmation email, we would like the Octopus project name, build #, etc in the body. We set the following in the email settings:

Successful Deployment - #{OctopusProjectName} build #{OctopusReleaseNumber} to #{OctopusEnvironmentName}

But it seems to be sending just that and not passing the appropriate values. This worked successfully in 1.6, but can you tell me if the format changed?



Hi Mike,

Thanks for getting in touch! The format did change. We have dots between everything now.
So for example your changes would be:
Successful Deployment - #{Octopus.Project.Name} build #{Octopus.Release.Number} to #{Octopus.Environment.Name}

Here’s a link to some of the new variable names: http://docs.octopusdeploy.com/display/OD/System+variables

Hope that helps!

Great, thank you!