OctoPacl Error OCTONUGET: '2.62*' is not a valid version string


Is there anyway to make OctoPack support [assembly: AssemblyVersion(“2.62.*”)] ? when we try to build the nuget packages we get the following error:

MSBUILD : OctoPack error OCT-1676060969: System.Exception: There was an error
calling NuGet. Please see the output above for more details. Command line: '\Solution\packages\OctoPack.3.0.31\tools\NuGet.exe’
pack “” -NoPackageAnalysis -BasePath “” -OutputD
irectory -Version 2.62.*\r
MSBUILD : OctoPack error OCT-1676060969: at OctoPack.Tasks.CreateOctoPackPac
kage.RunNuGet(String specFilePath, String octopacking, String octopacked, Strin
g projectDirectory) in y:\work\46cfb6001f03d701\source\OctoPack.Tasks\CreateOct
oPackPackage.cs:line 520\r
MSBUILD : OctoPack error OCT-1676060969: at OctoPack.Tasks.CreateOctoPackPac
kage.Execute() in y:\work\46cfb6001f03d701\source\OctoPack.Tasks\CreateOctoPack
Package.cs:line 181

(I have removed parts of stack trace pertinent to our solution).

Many thanks


Hi Richard,

Thanks for getting in touch! What are you using to build your solution? VSO, VS, TFS, TeamCity etc?
We will be able to help provide a specific solution once we know the tools you currently use.


Hi Vanessa

We were trying to just use OctoPack but in the end we went with TeamCity and this allowed us to resolve the problem and set the version number correctly.