OctoPack with Umbraco


I am currently trying to use octopack with an Umbraco site.

Umbraco comes as standard with some build targets that include the Umbraco folder into any published artefacts for deployment (using webdeploy) and this works great when you do a deployment through that the Umbraco folder is in the published artefacts.

However when using OctoPack to create the package for deployment it seems that this target either doesnt fire or does fire and octopack doesnt pick the files up from the same place.

I dont use any nuspec file, i just let octopack generate if for me based on the build number passed to it from TeamCity

Is there any special target that this should be run after or anything i can change?

I have attached the build targets that are used.

These targets are included in the main web project file that is the main web project and also where octopack is installed.

UmbracoCms.targets (2 KB)

UmbracoCms.props (564 Bytes)

Hi Scott,

Thanks for getting in touch!

What does happen when you run OctoPack ? Do you end up with nothing at all in your package ? Or only the ones in your csproj ?

I’ve done a bit with Umbraco and OctoPack, but not with those targets. I tend to build my own Nuspec for Umbraco projects and let OctoPack find it and pack it, it’s only a 10 minute job to build the nuspec and then I can get exactly what I want in the package.

I could clean one up and publish it if it would help.




Yeah I just end up with everything thats explicitly in the project. It doesn not include anything that is added by those build targets.

The only issue I have with the nuspec file is that it is another overhead to maintain. When adding something new it might not be found until we try to deploy it and it doesnt work.

I would like to understand why it doesnt work and adjust\add targets to suit. This could then be contributed back to the Umrabco project so that it works OOTB with octopus in the future.

Is there any further feedback or help on this?

I see that this should be something pretty simple…

I just need to know the name of the target\the way that the files are moved into the package directory during packing.

Hi Scott,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Octopack and NuSpec’s can be setup to include all so if anything new is added as you are including a full directory it doesn’t have to be maintained.
There is a by example documentation page that shows how it can be done: http://docs.octopusdeploy.com/display/OD/OctoPack+to+include+BuildEvent+files

OctoPack uses both MSbuild and Nuget to determine the built files to package. But it is also under an OSS license and you are welcome to look at how it works and build a version that would work for these projects if you do not want to use a NuSpec and the existing conventions that are available with OctoPack.