OctoPack packing wrong DLL!

We have a solution with two websites, and a few Windows Services. When Octopack is run, it packages the bin files of the websites from the root build directory, instead of using the _PublishedWebsites directory. This has the effect that, since the websites and services use different versions of the same assemblies, one of our websites gets the wrong version, and doesn’t work. This seems like a major issue, since I thought that Octopack was using the _PublishedWebsites folders, and using the root directory will never work in this case, as one of the sites won’t work!

Now this is odd. I made some changes and a new build, and now it’s packaged correctly again. I have no idea what happened here, but I will let you know if I can reproduce. The point being that two different builds included two different versions of a DLL even though nothing was changed with references, etc.

Now we have the same with another DLL, though again, we haven’t changed anything. How can we direct Octopack to use the _PublishedWebsites folder for bin?


Thanks for the reply. You can direct OctoPack to use a base folder by passing the following command: /p:basePath=_PublishedWebsites
Otherwise if you need to define it even further or in a more granular fashion you will need to add a NuSpec file with your targets.
A couple of documentation pages can be found here:

Hope this helps!

Just to follow up, I changed the build options to use /p:GenerateProjectSpecificOutputFolder=true . Now, since I first made sure that all projects were using the same versions of all libraries, I’m not sure if this really made a difference, but it didn’t hurt. :wink:

On a side note, another team here had a similar problem, but it was related to assemblies which were using different versions of the same references, not websites. So the problem is not specific to websites.