OctoPack not installing packages folder to solution

Hi there,

Hoping someone can help, i’m sure i am doing something wrong but can’t figure it out…
Using Visual Studio 2013 i am running Install-Package OctoPack from the package manager console on a .NET website build.
It doesnt show any error messages, only this:

Installing ‘OctoPack 3.0.31’.
Successfully installed ‘OctoPack 3.0.31’.
Adding ‘OctoPack 3.0.31’ to www.
Successfully added ‘OctoPack 3.0.31’ to www.

But it doesn’t appear to be installing the “Packages” folder needed into my solution, which subsequently means that TeamCity MSBuild cannot build using OctoPack as the files aren’t available.

Any suggestions, i am completely lost on this one, setup a couple before and they always added the necessary folders no problem.


Hi Ash,

I was just in the middle of installing VS2013 to provide screenshots, did you figure this out?


Hi Vanessa,

Yes, sorry :frowning: embarrassingly enough it was installing the packages folder fine, but I as looking in the wrong place, I forgot to commit from explorer folder, and was expecting to see it in VS2013, which I now know is not correct :slight_smile:

Thank you,

Ashley Mitchell | Systems Administrator