Octopack not including projects built later

My solution is built with dependency injection. Here’s a simplification of the projects in use:


WebProject has a dependency on Interfaces
Bootstrapper has a dependency on WebProject, Interfaces and Implementations
Because of this Bootstrapper is built last.

Bootstrapper has a Post-build event to xcopy all files over to WebProject

When I run msbuild Octopack creates a package before Bootstrapper has been built resulting in missing files.

I know about and /p:OctoPackEnforceAddingFiles=true but these will not work if the project has not been built yet.

What can I do?


Thanks for reaching out. IF you need to wait for all the projects to build before creating the package, you’re gonna have to stop using Octopack and instead add a step at the end of your build process dedicated to pack the files you need and then push them to your repository.


Thanks, I was afraid that was the case :slight_smile: Instead for now I reversed the dependencies and made WebProject dependent on Bootstrapper instead of the other way around.