OctoPack not generating nuget package TeamCity

I have added OctoPack to my project in Visual Studio. I have also read the documentation and checked the checkbox to enable it. However the artifacts generated are not in the .nupkg format, they are the regular unzipped files. I note in the build log the first line after MSBuild is Enabling OctoPack" so it appears that the feature is being called. Any thoughts on this puzzler?


I would like to add that I created a new project and everything is working fine and the nuget package is being generated as expected. It is just for pre-existing projects I have having this problem described here

Please disregard guys, I added the missing lines to the .csprog file, all is well :slight_smile:

Hi @ppotos

Glad to hear that you got this sorted, sorry that we didn’t get back to you sooner!

Let me know if there is anything else that we can assist with,


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