Octopack not creating nuget file

It is is as simple as that - I have a visual studio project that I build with MSBuild and call the following MSBuild arguments with


There’s no nuget package being created and pushed to the built in nuget server. I think I may have hit the 30mb limit, but I cannot find the relevant config files to try and increase it - am I missing something? The log files give no hint as to whether there is a problem at all.

Hi Emma,

Thanks for getting in touch! Could you try running it with the parameters like this?

/p:RunOctoPack=true /p:OctoPackPublishPackagetoHttp=http://myserver:81/nuget/packages /p:OctoPackPublishApiKey=myapikey

Let me know how it goes. And if you still don’t get the package, please try to attach the msbuild log :slight_smile:



Hi Dalmiro,

It is working now – turns out it was a combination of splitting out the msbuild arguments like you suggested, and adding one more in - /p:VisualStudioVersion=12.0


Emma - Glad to hear that!