OctoPack error MSB3073 when publishing the same build multiple times

Our build server runs on a schedule so it may recompile the same code without any changes.

I found that I received this error when I run the same build again. The first time its successful and the deployment package was sent to Octopus, but if you run it again I get the error MSB3073 with exit code 1.

When I change the version number of the service that is being built and run the build again on the build server then it executes again successfully one time. Same issue occurs when you run it again.

It seems the version number needs to be unique for every build. Is that true and how can I get around this issue?

Nevermind. I found the solution in this thread by setting the auto increment on the revision number:

Hi Johannes,

I am glad you were able to find the solution. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any further issues or questions.