Octopack doesnt include Typescript output files

With VS 2013 and TS, the compiled JS output is not included in the project as Content and octopack will ignore the files

A fix would change this behavior to include .js files that are related to TypeScriptCompile tasks

Opened an issue here: https://github.com/OctopusDeploy/OctoPack/issues/33

Any workarounds? I tried adding a .nuspec but that meant having to include all files myself which would be impossible for a big web project…

Hi Georgios,

Thanks for letting us know. I’ll try to look into this in the future.

As a workaround you can define your own NuSpec file and use wildcards, e.g.,:

 <file src="content\*.js" ... />

Even for a large application if you are following conventions it shouldn’t be more than 7-8 lines using wildcards.

Hope that helps,


That seemed like a large headache to me.I worked around it by creating a script that will add elements to the .csproj for Typescript filesWould be nice to get 2013 support though.

Hi Paul,

Is this still the solution to this problem or is there a more elegant way of doing this now?

I have a bunch of typescript files in my lastest project and Octopus isn’t deploying the compiled js files :frowning:


Hi Nick,

Thanks for getting in touch. This is still the solution for this problem.



Thanks for the reply Dalmiro.

I’m just trying to get my head around nuspec files. If I provide Octopack with a custom nuspec file I have to specify every file I want to include, not just the additional ones it’s missing?

Does Octopack have a nuspec template it uses that I can modify? Or will I have to create one from scratch? I’d like to keep the automatic version number generation that the default usage provides.

Thanks again,

Hi Nick,

  • Just specify the files you are missing.
  • It doesn’t have a template, but you can easily create a new one (see link below).
  • The versioning will stay the same if all you do is add the nuspec to the root of your project.

We have this doc page that’ll help you get started with Octopack. It also includes a video that does a very good job explaining the process

Let me know how it goes after checking the link