OctoPack as web project without web.config

We have been generating the web.config file for our web projects (MVC/WCF) at deploy-time in our existing build/deploy process. I’m trying to switch over to use Octopus and OctoPack, and implemented this generation as a Deploy.ps1 script, but it seems that unless there is a web.config, OctoPack doesn’t want to pack the project “web style”, instead taking the bin folder.

Is there some switch on OctoPack to make it run in web mode even though there is no web.config? We have hundreds of web projects, dozens of environments, and a very large number of settings in our web.configs, so rebuilding them to use config transforms is unfortunately not an option.


We do something similarly, and our solution to the problem was to use the nuspec to explicitly ignore / add whatever you need. Not 100% sure that it will work with your setup, because it is different than ours. Have you tried something like that?

There isn’t currently a way to do this but I’ll see if we can add it to the next OctoPack release.


@Paul: Thanks! Something like /p:OctoPackPackingProfile:[Web/…]?
@Thomas: Not sure that would work - in our case the file does not exist until deploy-time, and OctoPack needs it to exist at compile time to create the “proper” package.