OctoPack and OctopusDeploy with 1 Web Solution with 9 Projects

I’m putting together a build and deployment for a new project. We are investigating using Octopack - NuGet - OctopusDeploy as a solution. In the new project the Development team has a web solution that has 9 web projects. I have got the process to work for a simple 1 solution 1 project. I have not been able to get the 1 solution to 9 project to create a .nupkg in the way i think it should look. All of the projects in one .nupkg.
Is there additional configuration I need to do to create the .nupkg to have all 9 web projects?

Hi Bryon,

OctoPack expects to create one package per project - it can’t put multiple projects into a single package. For that, you might have to look at using NuGet.exe pack.