OctoPack and Nuget


We are looking at using nuget to manage our binary dependencies (in-house and third party).
We are also looking at using OctopusDeploy.

Should we have TeamCity build a nuget package for each project with traditional dependency management
and use OctoPack to create a nuget package (that contains binary dependencies) used solely for deployment.?



Hi Dave,

Thanks for asking. Octopus expects that your NuGet package contains everything needed to run the application. Also, Octopus won’t follow NuGet package dependencies, so all files needed will have to be included directly in the package and not in NuGet dependencies.

Having TeamCity build packages and then combining them into a “super package” is definitely an option. But the packages will need to be combined, not just a super package with a list of dependencies.

However, if you just wanted TeamCity to produce NuGet packages for DLL’s and other artifacts that you’ll be using at development time, and then used OctoPack to produce a single NuGet package for deployment time, that would certainly work.

Hope that helps,