Octo.exe version mismatch - where to install latest version?


I have been thrust into the exciting world of TeamCity and Octopus, and as such, I’m completely confused. The problem that I have is that a particular project keeps failing, and it seems that this is because the version of octo.exe ( is woefully out of date in comparison to the versions of TeamCity (9.1.7) and Octopus (3.15.8).

My problem is that I do not know where/how the project is calling octo.exe. Looking on the Octopus server itself shows a variety of tempory directories (1.0, 2.0, 3.0) with three different versions of Octo.exe.

My question is, if I can grab the latest version of Octo.exe here - where do I install it, and how do I get the project in TeamCity to make use of it?

Many thanks in advance for helping out a complete newbie!



Hi Martyn,

Thanks for reaching out. Octo.exe comes bundled with the Octopus Deploy TC Plugin. So the right way to update the version of Octo.exe that will be used at build time would be to install the latest version of the plugin by following these instructions: https://octopus.com/docs/api-and-integration/teamcity#TeamCity-InstallPluginInstallingtheplugin

Let me know how that goes,