Octo.exe push to specific space

Greetings. Having a small issue getting “octo push” to work as intended.

We have 2 spaces in our octopus instance: “Default” and “vNext”. When pushing packages from our Jenkins build-server using the following command:

    octo  push

The packages get pushed to the repository of the “Default” space. We want to somehow be able to push our .zip to the “vNext” space. How can we do this?

We are using octo.exe ver4.45.0 (latest at the time of this writing) with the latest Octopus server. Here’s the output we receive from the mis-push operation:

    OctopusTools> octo  push               --server="http://localhost:8888/api/Space-2/packages/raw?replace=true"             --apiKey="API-XXXXXX"           --package=".\vNext.Backend.QA.[x.y.z.d].Zip"         --replace-existing
    Octopus Deploy Command Line Tool, version 4.45.0

    Detected automation environment: "NoneOrUnknown"
    Handshaking with Octopus Server: http://localhost:8888/api/Space-2/packages/raw?replace=true
    Handshake successful. Octopus version: 2019.1.6; API version: 3.0.0
    Authenticated as: ....
    Pushing package: C:\...vNext.Backend.QA.0001.00.00.00084.Zip...
    Requesting signature for delta compression from the server for upload of a package with id 'vNext.Backend.QA' and version '0001.00.00.00084'
    No package with the same ID exists on the server
    Falling back to pushing the complete package to the server
    Package transfer completed
    Push successful

Hi @Dominick_Sidiropoulos

Thanks for getting in touch!

Unfortunately it looks like you have fallen victim to our less than perfect multi-channel download experience. There is a newer version of Octo.exe available (5.2.6) which is spaces aware. You can find the download link here and we are definitely working on ways to make this easier to find.

You will find that there is an added --space command which lets you specify the space to upload the package to. Note that the account you are using needs to have the required permissions to upload packages in that space, otherwise you will see an error that the Space can't be found. We are working on making this error clearer as well.

Any further questions please let me know,


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Thank you for the prompt response. Could have never imagined that demons abound in the search engines that pointed me to the old version.

Thank you again and may Winds be under your Radiant Wings, always.

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