Octo.exe create-release return code -1, but looks to have deployed successfully

I have the following in my Tfsbuild.proj file:

I have attached a snippet from the build output which shows that octo.exe had a return code of -1. However the creation of the release and the deployment were successful and is confirmed as such though the GUI. Is there a problem with incorrect return codes in octo.exe? I want to be able to depend on the return value being -1 after an unsuccessful release only. What am I missing here?

OctoExeOutput.txt (23 KB)

Hi Ben,

Thanks for reaching out. Could you share us the deployment log taken from the Octopus UI? http://docs.octopusdeploy.com/display/OD/Get+the+raw+output+from+a+task

On that Project’s dashboard, do you see that deployment with a green mark, or with a green mark and a warning? If you can share a screenshot that would be great.


Hi Dalmiro,

The project is showing no warnings. I have attached a screen shot and also the raw log for your review. Thanks for taking the time to look at this.


ServerTasks-6568.log.txt (27 KB)


Thanks for sending over that info. I can’t seem to put my finger on what might be going on here. I’ve discussed this one with one of my Teammates and he noticed that you are running Octopus 3.0.24, but you are running the latest version of Octo.exe which includes changes that were made specifically for 3.2. It might be worth either upgrading your Octopus server to the latest (recommended) or downloading the Octo.exe version that matches your Octopus from this link

If that doesn’t work, I’ll be interested to know if you get the same result by running Octo.exe from your local machine instead of through TFS. Taking the build server out of the equation might help us narrow down the cause of this.

Let me know how that goes


You are a living legend! I have no control over the version of Octopus installed on the deployment server, but do have control over the version of Octo.exe I am using on the build server. Once I installed the earlier version of Octo.exe to match Octopus 3.0.24 then Octo.exe started reporting successful deployment to TFS.

Really appreciate your help with this.


Glad to hear its working! All credit goes to Rob P. who noticed the mismatching versions on the log. I’ve passed your words to him :wink: