NuGet packages with dependencies are not currently supported

With Web projects, using Nuget packages seems to work normally - but when I attempt to pack up a Windows Service, I get the familiar error “NuGet packages with dependencies are not currently supported.” - with or without using OctoPack.

Any suggestions?

– Kori

Hi Kori,

I’ll try to reproduce this and release a fix tonight.

In the mean time the problem is likely to be the existence of a packages.config file. In the packages.config property window in Visual Studio, make sure ‘Build Action’ is ‘None’ and ‘Copy to Output Directory’ is ‘Do not copy’. If that doesn’t solve it, OctoPack might need to be extended to automatically rename the file before packaging and revert it back afterwards.



Yes - to confirm, my packages.config already has those settings applied (none, do not copy).


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Hi Kori,

I haven’t been able to reproduce this one yet. I added a sample Windows service here - I assume it’s similar to yours?

If you use OctoPack, what error do you get (and does it come from building the package, or attempting to deploy it?)

Also, what build tool are you using to build the packages? Does it work if you compile locally from VS in Release mode?



I think I know why. It all works great until you want to use static libraries. The issue seems to be with OctoPack - it doesn’t want to include any of them, even if they are set to CopyLocal. If I try and specify them in the nuspec, it’ll override OctoPack.

When I build in release, all the files are in the root (no content/lib directories) - though when it gets run through TeamCity, all seems right except that the static libraries aren’t there.

– Kori

If I include the following in the OctopusTargetApp target:

I see that indeed - all the static files are being copied to the temp directory, but because they aren’t in the nuspec - they don’t get included.

Er, looks like it doesn’t like what I attempted to post:

< Message Importance="High" Text="Included File: %(ContentToPackage.FullPath)" / >

Hi Kori,

Can you post (or mail me - a copy of your Nuspec file?