Nuget packages of existing releases are removed

Hi Octopus,

For a couple of releases we have the problem that the referenced NuGet packages get removed after a few days.
When opening such a release the following error message is shown underneath every referenced package:

Failed to reteive notes

See screenshot here.

The referenced NuGet packages are hosted in the Octopus NuGet repository.
When this occurs we are not able to promote this release to another environment. We have to republish those packages to the NuGet feed to be able to continue with the release. Even after republishing the packages, and continuing the release, the packages get removed again after 5 days (which is the retention policy of the built-in repository).

It seems to me that this is a bug in the retention policy of the built-in repository. Somehow Octopus doesn’t know that these packages are in use by an existing release.

Extra info:

  • The packages which are removed are used in a “Run a script on the Octopus Server” process step.
  • In this step the package is set as the package ID of the referenced package.
  • The package ID is hard set, no variable name is used.
  • The built-in repository currently contains more than 10 000 packages.

So, is this a bug?
Can you fix it?

Thanks in advance!

Best regards,

Hi @FlorisDevreese

Thanks for getting in touch, sorry that you ran into this issue.

This was a bug that we have already identified and was resolved as of Octopus 2018.9.15. If you are on a lower version of Octopus I would recommend upgrading (preferably to the new LTS release), if you are on a version higher than this than if you can let me know which version you have installed that would be greatly appreciated.

Sorry for any issues that this has caused.


Hi @Alex.Rolley

Currently we’re on version 2018.11.1
We are still having this issue.

Best regards,

Correcting my previous post.
We are currenty NOT running version 2018.11.1, but we are running version 2018.9.12

So the update should fix this problem!
@Alex.Rolley: Thanks for indicating that this fixes the problem!

Best regards,

Hi @FlorisDevreese,

No problems, let me know if there is anything else I can assist with!


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