Nuget packages are timing out again

I have reached around 130 packages on the server and the “Create release” page is timing out again. I reduced the count to around 39 and things started loading again. I’m currently on version 2040.


Hi Nathan,

Tender flagged this as spam, so I’ve only just seen it - sorry about that. Thanks for reporting it. I assume this has been resolved for you in the latest release?


No problem. Still an issue as far as I know. But to be honest I don’t create releases manually anymore. I built a process that automatically creates a release as soon as the build has finished in our stable branch by inserting it into the right tables (as well as storing the packages on S3 until that occurs.)

Hi Nathan,

I’d hope it shouldn’t be an issue any more because a patch was submitted to the NuGet team that fixed the hashing issue (which was the reason for the jQuery timeout), and other users have reported it to be working fine.

I love the ingenuity of going straight to the tables :slight_smile: I’m currently working on a REST API that will be in the next Octopus release, and I’ll create an open source project with tools to make use of that API - part of that being a command line tool to create a release and deploy it to an environment. Hopefully that will mean the direct table access isn’t necessary, but I’d love your feedback when those tools are released.


Awesome. We will move over to the REST API when it’s there. For us this got us our solution in the short amount of time that we had.

When you have the command line tool released I’d love to take a look. I’d also be willing to share what we have setup here (very simple project.)