NuGet package repository

We are currently trialling Octopus Deploy and we have now exceed the 45 day trial period.
Although we have setup 5 projects, accessed by 5 users (2 Admins, 1 TFS Service Account) we seem to be unable to upload new packages to the Octopus Deploy NuGet package repository (from the TFS build process) as the NuGet.exe push returns 403 Forbitten…
I assume this error has to do with the expiry of the trial license as the NuGet.exe push command worked fine previously.
Can someone from support confirm or dismiss this assumption? Also are there any octopus specific logs I can check to help me resolve this issue?

Hi Panos,

Thanks for getting in touch! I have answered this from support@ but to confirm here on the forum:
Please switch to the Community edition via Configuration -> License, and let me know if this resolves your issue.


Hi Vanessa,

I switched to the community license but I also had to add the TFS Service Account to the Package Publisher group. I must have removed the account accidentally from the group (or the group it was in) when removing users and AD groups from the system.