Nuget package is not created when octopack is set to true in build definition


I have installed octopack in visual studio project. I have created a new build definition and in the advanced settings, I have set
/p:RunOctoPack=true in the msbuild arguments.

When I build the solution by queueing build definition, the nuget package is not created. what other parameters do I need to set to create a nuget package in build definition? Or we cannot create just by setting parameters in build definition Or does it always need to be created through command prompt?

I could able to create the package though command prompt. Is it always the solution or can we set in the build definition to create the package for us automatically.
Please clarify.

  1. Install Octopack in visual studio project
  2. Create a build definition, set MSBuild Arguments /p:RunOctoPack=true
  3. Queue the build, and it’s completed

Does the above process create a nuget package?If so, where does it create the package? If not, what other steps I need to do?

Hi Rajendra,

Thanks for reaching out.

The bare minimum parameters needed to create the package using Octopack during the build should be /t:Build /p:RunOctoPack=true. If it doesn’t work after doing that, could you please send us your build log so we can see what is going on in the background?