Not snapshot variables on Runbook publish

Every time any variable is changed we have to re-publish all our runbooks. I get the reason for this being the default but in our environment we always want to use the current version of the variables instead of the snapshotted version. Is there a way to get around having to re-publish all our runbooks every time and have them always use the current variable set? Honestly I would like to disable variable snapshotting across the board, in our environment it causes more headaches than it solves.

Hi @jweems,

Thanks for reaching out on our community forum! Unfortunately, there is no way to disable the release/runbook snapshot. Those are core functions that Octopus performs to protect the integrity of releases already in the deploy pipeline.

We have a PowerShell script that will update the variable snapshot of a release, which might help you update the variable snapshots a bit easier. There is also a PowerShell script that can publish a runbook snapshot, so you might be able to try updating the variable snapshot on that runbook, then publishing it using that other script.

I hope those script resources help you have an easier time achieving your requirements. Let us know if you have any questions.


I assumed that would be the answer, thanks for confirming. I’ll look at those scripts and see if they will help with our processes.

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