Not all users sync with Azure AD

We currently have AzureAD setup and connect in our Octopus instance. However, not all users sync and we cannot figure out why some sync and some don’t.

We have 32 users in Azure but only 12 show up as members for that group in Octopus.
Is there some setting on the user we are missing that needs enabled?


Hi @DIST_Technology_Dev_Systems,

Thanks for posting your issue to the Octopus Community forum, and sorry to hear you’re encountering that unexpected behavior with AzureAD.

I’m not quite sure what might be causing this, but are you able to spot any differences between a working user account and an account that is not working?

If that doesn’t help, then I was wondering if you’ve seen our AzureAD documentation, and in particular the following areas:

Let me know if that’s helpful and I’ll continue troubleshooting with you if not!


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