Not able to find Nuget Package using Team City Feed Url


I have pushed the Nuget Package using Command line to the Octopus server using below command

Nuget.exe push APIKEY path of the Nuget package -source http://ipadress:8888/Octopus/Nuget/Packages

but even we pushed the package why octopus not able to find the package from the Octopus server
It says Not able to download the package from the TeamCity Feed url

Could you please Provide solution for this and which credentials should work to avoid 401 error


Hi @balaji.patil!

Thanks for reaching out, and sorry to hear that you’re having issues with your deployments.

Just to clarify, you’re pushing the package to the built-in Octopus feed, but when you attempt to deploy the release, it complains about not being able to find the file in the feed?

The first thing I would verify here is that your package feed is configured in your deployment process - if you’ve recently changed it from an external feed to the built-in Octopus feed, it’s possible this was not updated?

If you do need to update this, you will additionally need to create a new release to reflect the changes.

I hope this helps, and please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any further questions.

we tried to push the nuget package to Octopus server Using nuget.exe in command line tool and when we try to hit the TeamCity Feed url why Octopus not able to find the Nuget Package and it says 401 error

Hi @Justin_Walsh :

  • Can you please share Step by step document or link. to resolve 401 issue.
  • Also unable to see packages on url. for example: ip/MyFeed/nuget/v3/index.json
  • Please share api example link , (with parameters and response.)
  • when octopus service required to restart , after credentials changes or new user added as admin, does service restart required ?
  • Please share if is there any alternative way to pass 401 steps as per team able to see packages on required folder structure.

will appreciate your prompt response.

Thanks for the update @balaji.patil

So you’re using TeamCity to push the build artifacts to the Octopus built-in feed, and receiving a 401 error- this generally suggests that the API key you’re using in your nuget push either isn’t valid, or the account that the API key is generated for does not have permission to publish to the feed. We have some documentation about configuring nuget push to push to Octopus here: Built-in Octopus repository - Octopus Deploy

The alternative to using nuget.exe is to use our TeamCity plugin, which allows a more streamlined approach to pushing packages to Octopus, as well as automating the creation and deployment of releases.

To answer @Alok_P’s questions:

  • As mentioned above, the 401 is likely due to a missing API key for an Octopus user, or the associated user account does not have access to push packages to the built-in feed.
  • This is likely due to access restrictions as well - ensure that the API key that you’re passing in your request has access to the built-in feed.
  • The above link to our documentation also covers using the API to push packages, as well as the other tools that integrate to push packages to Octopus. Additionally, you can check the Swagger UI built into Octopus to examine the API in further detail.
  • If adding a new user, or modifying a user, these changes take place immediately. You do not need to restart the Octopus Deploy service.

Hope this helps!

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