Node.js applications


We’re evaluating Octopus Deploy for our team, and the TeamCity integration is working great for deploying Windows Service apps to our Amazon instances.

We currently have node.js front-end apps running on Linux instances, and we were considering nodeiis (or just node.exe) on Windows. Do you currently have any recommendations for this? Alternately, is Linux/Mono support still in the works?


Hi Jason,

We have plans to support deployment to Linux nodes via SSH in the future (we won’t make a Mono Tentacle; instead we’ll just push files around and run scripts over SSH).

You’ll need to use NuGet.exe to package your Node applications for deployment. A feature that we have planned for 2.3 might make configuration easier:

Hope that helps,


Thanks Paul!

Based on your recommendation, we are now automating our node.js deployments from TeamCity to several Linux boxes using Octopus Deploy.

We’re using an intermediate Windows box, the new variable substitution feature, and some powershell scripts to SSH and run Linux commands and copy files.

Thanks for the great features and a great product!

Hi Jason,

could you provide a little more detail about how you deploy your node.js applications? I am a little lost there and need to do the same.


I have the same question as @christian.huening

is there a documented process on how to configure ocotopus to deploy to node.js on iis?

i have a powershell script that installs node.js and i use octopus to grab a nuget package and deploys it but the only thing that returns is the default node.js welcome page.