No un-install option for Server

Within Programs & Features I have no option to un-install Octopus (or any version for that matter). I assume this is going to stop us from upgrading to 2.1 server?

It’s been upgraded from 1.6 to 2.0 (and a couple of 2.0 releases) but I’m not sure an uninstall option has ever shown up in programs and features. We still have 3 program groups in the start menu as well ( “Octopus”,“Octopus 2.0” and “Octopus Deploy”)

Hi Richard,

Is it possible that someone else first installed Octopus? Since it was a per-user install it might be installed for that specific user.


Hi Paul,

All installs have been done under my domain account by me.


How should I progress? Is it safe to try installing 2.1 anyway? (I haven’t even tried yet).

Or will I have to manually un-install and any guidance for this? (I guess I’d have to disable the services at least)

Hi Richard,

I think the 2.1 installer will stop services if they’re running, though stopping them by hand is not a bad idea either. The installation process never touches the Octopus database, only service configuration and program files, so I’d say it is “safe” as far as you won’t lose data, but given that it sounds like your machine is in some kind of limbo state it is possible there will be some MSI-related challenges.

Without figuring out how Octopus is actually missing from ARP, here’s how I’d approach it:

  • Take a backup - make sure you have a copy of the Master Encryption Key
  • Open Octopus Manager and select Delete this Octopus Instance - this will ensure the services don’t get left pointing to outdated binaries
  • Download and re-run the 2.0.10 installer; if it finds the existing instance and displays the Maintenance dialog, choose “uninstall” - if it doesn’t then don’t complete setup (just close the installer at the first wizard page)
  • Ensure all Octopus services are stopped/terminated
  • Run the 2.1 installer

The new installer will either succeed, in which case I think you can just go ahead and run through the configuration wizard (making sure to choose the locations of your existing data and configuration files - e.g. C:\Octopus), or the installer will fail with an error giving more information on where the problem lies.

If the installation fails, you should be able to open the (2.0.10) Octopus Manager and reconfigure the existing version with the current data/configuration paths.

The latest 2.1 installer will not install if there’s an existing 2.0 instance, so if that scenario is detected you’ll need to find out how or where the 2.0 instance is installed.

Sorry to hear this is proving to be a headache; if you need high availability (i.e. can’t afford round trips to this thread if the installation fails) email me (nblumhardt@ our domain) and we can organise a time to do this via Skype/screen sharing.


Thanks Nick. I’ll try that in the next few days.

Finally got around to upgrading.

The previous installer did not offer the “uninstall” option, so I renamed the folder and had to delete the InstallLocation registry key to get the new installer to work.

Other than that it seems to be running fine.

And I do have an uninstall option in Programs and Features this time!