No supprt

pls help me i buy octopus sumsang actvetes
i have problem with support
Initializing smartcard… ok
Serial: 0101028A7F
Connecting to server… ok
Updating DB…
Failed to check DB!
i need answer qly

Hi Mhamed,

Thanks for getting in touch! Unfortunately you have contacted Octopus Deploy and not LG who are the people behind the Octopus Box. We are unable to help you with your request.

Have a great day!

i have box best box
ATF box
all have good support i want try Octopus box samsung active i fell beater
when buy but now
no replly me answer what can do for
​i need help and thx for replly

Hi Mhamed,

You have reached Octopus Deploy ( We write deployment software and are in no way associated or affiliated with Octopus Box. It is not our product.

We cannot help you. I suggest you try to contact LG who sell this product.