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Hello team,

I have this issue where the file or directory cannot be opened. as per the attached screenshot. I have checked the permissions and all are set rightly as Hello World sample cypress test works and generates artifacts in the form of .html. The problem is when I get to work my application smoke tests, it always fails on this. Using Ubuntu as worker to run smoke tests written in cypress and generate reports using mochawesome.

This is working Hello World sample cypress test.

Appreciate any help here.


Hi @parnithakaleru

It’s strange that this is happening with that one file when the next check seems to work.

Could we get the full task log for that deployment so we can see what might be happening? You can upload it to our secure file store here: Support Files - Parnithakaleru

It would also be worth following our documentation page on copying the working directory to see if that file is actually deployed to the worker. This will just persist what’s in the working directory so you can inspect what files are on there.

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Hi @parnithakaleru

Sorry for the late reply. One of my colleagues has looked into the task log you sent over and has found potentially two ways to fix this issue.

  1. Update the GPU drivers - making sure to use the proprietary driver for the hardware
    e.g. google chrome - dri3 extension not supported - Stack Overflow
  2. Run the Cypress worker without GPU acceleration. Headless mode still uses GPU acceleration.
    We’ve tested it with the following command:
chrome.exe –disable-gpu --new-window

These were found in this thread here: Libva error: vaGetDriverNameByIndex() failed with unknown libva error, driver_name = (null) from the FOSS community.

Can you try these out and let us know if that fixes this particular error? Since it doesn’t seem to be related to Octopus, this is unfortunately the best I can offer.

Kind Regards

Hi @sean.stanway

Thank you for getting back and providing suggestions. Would try and update you regarding GPU.
However, I have resolved the issue by changing the reportDir path within cypess.config.js file. Also, had to install nodejs, npm on my worker(ubuntu) in this scenario.

Very appreciated!


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