No non encrypted variables.json on ssh-target


Just upgraded from 2018.3.x to 2018.8.12, and now our ssh targets don’t get a [V|v]ariables.json anymore, just a Variables.secret.

Reading the release notes I only find references to offline drop targets using secret, not “normal” ssh-targets?
Is there a way to get the .json file back (either pushed from the server or by decrypting variables.secret)? We need it in lack of another way of enumerating variables on linux/bash.


Hi Espen,

Thanks for contacting us. The variable files changed to always being secret because of a security issue where sensitive information could make it into an unencrypted variable file. All targets were affected by this change.

It is possible to access variables through a bash script, It is documented here ( under the variables section.

Hope that helps.

Hi, thanks for the reply and clearification.

We have no problem using variables in bash, but what we lack is the ability to iterate/list all the configured variables. When deploying to mesos or other orchestrating services it is valuable to be able to create steps that manipulate/pass along variables without having to know the exact names in advance. This enables us to make more reusable script templates.

So; now that access to the raw variables are gone, a way to list/get all variables in bash would help a lot.


Hi Espen,

I have asked internally, and currently there’s no way to list all the variables from bash. If you want, you can suggest the feature at our uservoice site For now the only solution I can offer is to manually add those variables into your scripts.

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