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Hi Team, I was expecting to be artifacts must be shown in the Octopus server while createting the release but it is not. We are using TeamCity as code repository and artifacts generating over there. I have also checked required setting in Octopus and teamcity as well and it is correct. In Octopus I am able to search artifacts as well but not appearing in the release.

Can you please help me where is the problem and how can i resolve it.

Hi @Sopan,

Thanks for reaching out. Could you explain a bit more which artifact are you talking about?

  • How Is the artifact you are looking for being generated? in TeamCity during the build, or in Octopus during the deployment?

  • When you say In Octopus I am able to search artifacts as well but not appearing in the release., where exactly are you able to search the artifact and where is it not showing up? Screenshots would go a long way here.

  • Are you seeing some sort of error message somewhere? If so a screenshot of it would be great. If it is in a deployment log, feel free to attach it to this ticket (how do i download the deployment log?)


Hi Dalmiro,

During the build artifacts creating in the teamcity and it is working as expected.
Same artifacts I am able to search from Octopus => Library => External Feeds => Test.

But when I am creating release then it should appear in the right side of window before start the release execution but it is not.
I am not able to understand why it is not appearing and looking for same help.

Hope you understand my query.

Sopan Vaidya

Hi Sopan,

Could you send me a screenshot of:

  • A screenshot of your deployment process in Octopus where I cans see all the steps with their names,
  • A screenshot of the search results on from Octopus => Library => External Feeds => Test
  • A screenshot of this place in the right side of the window where you say the info should be appearing.


Oh and also please let me know which version of the Octopus Server you are running

now problem is that, I am at home and system is not accessible from here.

Will connect you on Monday.

Hi Dalmiro,

I am using Octopus 3.2.22 and find attachment for an issue.


PFA for more details

Hi Sopan,

The artifacts that show up in that part of the page are the ones created using this method:

Are you creating an Artifact during the deployment process using that method? Cause if you are not, then you shouldn’t be seeing anything there.


Thanks Dalmiro.