New to Redgate DLM

We have a repo that’s controlled by RedGate, and triggering VSTS builds & OctopusDeployments correctly. However using (RedGate Deploy from Package) it assumes the database exists (and since it doesn’t - new deployment to a new db server) - and fails.

How do I get the database deployed and all changes since it was created sent to the new server. The 4 RedGate scripts I see in the community library don’t seem to cover this…or am I missing an important step?

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for getting in touch. The first thing I can suggest is the following documentation page we have on deploying database changes.

Which mostly links to the RedGate documentation they have for Octopus:

Their documentation is quite extensive and should answer any questions you have. However, if you run into any issues with Octopus here that you need a hand with, please let me know.

If the documentation does not help you resolve this issue, you will need to attach a full deployment log for us to identify any issue that Octopus may be having here.
The following is a link to our documentation on retrieving a full deployment log:

Best regards,