New release page load is very long


Since about two month, when I click on a newly created release the page take a very long times to load (from 1 minute to 1 hour). Sometime it is almost instantly but sometime it is unusable.
I use an internal nuget feed to download 4 packages (77Mo, 21Mo, 34Mo, 100Mo).
Could you tell me what happen on this step and help me to fix this issue please?

Thank you,

Benjamin Vangansewinkel

Hi Benjamin,

Thanks for getting in touch! Could you tell us a bit about your NuGet server and the amount of packages? Nuget.Server to get information about a package, reads all packages into memory to read the metadata. Once you have a few packages it gets SLOW. If this is the case we recommending changing to Nuget.Lucene (it uses the same files and files system so the upgrade/change should be minor). It will make a massive difference. Otherwise another short term solution would be to clan out your NuGet server of any older files to minimize the amount of files being read into memory.

Hope that helps!