New changes introduced in 2019.3.4

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Hi Team,

Currently we are using Octopus version 2018.8.X and we are planning to upgrade to version 2019.3.4. Could you please highlight new changes been introduced as part of the version 2019.3.4 compared with 2018.8.10.

Thanks in Advance.


Hi @anandbabu,

Thanks for getting in touch!

You can compare any two versions of Octopus via this link, which I’ve preset for the two versions that you have mentioned.

Out of interest, are you able to let me know why you are planning on upgrading to 2019.3.4, and not 2019.3.8 or 2019.6.8 (which is our current LTS release)? Just curious more than anything.


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Thank you Alex.

I was able to find fixes and changes provided under each releases in the link.

I was much interested in looking for the any new changes happened from the older version.

We have already planned before for 2019.3.4 and we got approval for the same.



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