Nested variable substitution fails if the variable name includes a forward slash

I upgraded to Octopus today and noticed problems with nested variables. Here is the scenario:


  • Server/Name – configured as “production”
  • WebsiteBinding – configured as “myapp-#{Server/Name}”

In this scenario, the #{Server/Name} text does not get substituted with “production” as I would expect. Instead, when trying to set the IIS website bindings, the raw value of “myapp-#{Server/Name}” is being used (unexpected). This worked fine in the latest Octopus 2.6 release.

If I change to just “ServerName”, everything starts working as expected, so it must be the forward slash that is causing the trouble.

Hi Dan,

Thanks for reporting this. I have raised an issue and committed a fix.
It will be released with the next build.

Happy Deploying!