Need to change Octopus system user password

We had to reset some admin passwords on our SQL Servers. Now octopus is giving this error:
An unexpected error occurred in Octopus v2019.6.8: SQL Error 18456 - Login failed for user ‘sqladmin’.

We need to provide Octopus with the new password. How do we do this?

I eventually found and the reference to the command:

Octopus.Server.exe database --connectionString=“VALUE”

That seems to have done the trick.

Note that googling this only turns up older documentation ( that is out of date and doesn’t work with this version. Maybe need to work on your SEO? I suggest doing something in your robots.txt for the domain

Hi Dylan,

Thanks for getting in touch! Sorry that I didn’t get to help out before you found the answer. I’m glad that you have got a solution either way. The command you found is the recommended way to change the SQL password.

Just in case you need it in the future, there’s more documentation on on the database command available here:

Thanks for the suggestion regarding the visibility of the legacy documentation on Google. We definitely want the recent documentation to be more visible than the old documentation! I’ll see what we can do to make that happen.

Sorry again that I couldn’t get to your question in time, but please get in touch if you need anything else.

Warm regards,