Need OctoDeploy package as project level package

We’re using TeamCity and OctoPack for building and deploying our application.

Right now we have a solution with 4 projects in it. Two of those projects have referenced OctoPack through NuGet. When we do a “Check In” then OctoPack does its job by generating a “nuspec” file. In the end the two projects are added to our custom NuGet source (which is hosted by TeamCity).

However, when we try to add one of those custom NuGet packages to another project (from another solution) it then adds it as a Solution Package instead of a Project Package. I’d like to see the “Manage” window when installing my packaes.

What do we have to do to let OctoPack create the NuGet packages as a “Project” based package and not as a “Solution” based packae?

Hi David,

Thanks for getting in touch! This is a new one for us. Sorry about the delay in getting back to you.
We found this on the NuGet documentation site:
Part way down the page it explains about solution-level packages

Let me know if that helps at all