Need Advice On Tenant Design

Hello All,

Ran into a hurdle on tenant design and I really need some pointers. A bit of context: I am trying to utilize Octopus to bootstrap new Kubernetes clusters. Whenever we deploy a new cluster, we also need to bootstrap it with the following applications:

  • Load balancer controller
  • Istio
  • Secrets CSI Driver
  • Vault CSI Provider

Cluster-specific values such as vault_mount_path are injected into the project using the tenant variable template.

Because these clusters are managed by different teams. We have decided to approach it with multiple tenants per team, one tenant per region, so for example, Team-A deploying to us-east-1 and us-west-1 will have these tenants: Team-A us-east-1 Team-A us-west-1. But we started to run into problems when we have to deploy more than one Kubernetes cluster in a single region (tenant) because each cluster needs to define its own cluster-specific values that are used during deployment as mentioned above, which isn’t possible with tenant variable, which will affect all clusters within a tenant. For example, the vault_mount_path is calculated out using the name of the cluster.

So my question is: is there any way to define cluster-specific values that I can pass into the project for deployment? Or would you suggest that I re-model my tenant design? Thank you very much in advance!

Greetings @peter.sin, thanks for reaching out! I am curious if you’d be open to a call, I want to ensure that I’ve understood the scenario correctly and a visual of what you’re doing/wanting to do would go a long way. Please let me know if you’re able to do so and we’ll set something up.



Thank you, Shawn, for the quick reply! And yes definitely open for a call. I am pretty open this week so please set something up at your convenience.


Peter Sin

Awesome! Send an email to and mention my name. We’ll get things set up from there :slight_smile: