My Profile - Email Address keeps resetting to the AD email

We use OD with Domain account (AD), currently running 3.7.9
The email address associated with my gravatar is not the same as the one that’s attached to my AD account.
When I change the email address under ‘my profile’, the change is lost on the next sign in.
This used to be saved correctly before 3.7 (or maybe 3.6?).

Hi David,

Thanks for getting in touch.

We use your email address as a potential identifier for AD, so Octopus has fallbacks in place for sign-in, where it first checks by Username, then ExternalID, then EmailAddress (this fallback logic helps Octopus identify your user even when some of your AD details change - which happens quite often for a lot of our AD customers). Because of this, we update your user record with any email address that AD provides on login (we consider the external auth provider (AD) as the source of truth for your email address).

There was recently a bug fixed (in version 3.7.7) where we were NOT updating this email address property, so this was the behaviour you were previously seeing.

You could work around this new behaviour by adding your AD email address to your Gravatar account, as Gravatar allows multiple email addresses on the one account.

Hope this helps.


Hi Mark,

Obviously I can add a new email address to gravator, but that wasn’t really my point here. :slight_smile:

I understand that this is ‘by design’, but it looks very much like a bug because something happens that is not expected.
Surely we aren’t the only one using domain accounts, but maybe I’m the only one changing the email address.
Maybe you could make the field readonly, or add an extra field, or just use the username field which has the exact same value as the email address field. I don’t now the complexity of this, with all the other login providers, but just wanted to share this.

Hi David,

it looks very much like a bug because something happens that is not expected.
We agree. We’ve added a Github issue to look at improving this experience in the future. You can track this issue if you wish to be notified when a fix is available.

Thanks for the feedback!


That’s awesome. Thanks.