Multiple Windows services in a single package

Hi, this question feels like it should be trivial, but I can’t find the answer in the forums or guides.

I have a single package, which contains 2x executable (.exe) files, both built from the same Visual Studio solution, and packaged using nuget.exe.

I’m trying to create an install step that will create a service for each .exe, for example Service1.exe and Service2.exe.

Will a step only allow for the creation of a single windows service (in “Configure Features”)?
Is there any way around this or will I have to duplicate the package for each service.exe?



Thanks for reaching out. The recommended approach would be to have each executable on its own NuGet package, as they are part of different services. If this is not possible then duplicating the deploy step would be the way to go.



I would just like to add that I have run up against this limitation with the configure features function. i would love to use it multiple times to define services and websites within the same step.