Multiple Web Applications Question

I have a setup/best practice setup question.

I have a .net web application that has different IIS web application directories, databases and paths. So if you look at IIS it looks like this:

IIS Root
Customer 1 Application
Customer 2 Application
Customer 3 Application

The URLs for a customer would be

So I hope the above is clear so that this question is clear. What is the best way to setup Octopus to deploy to the servers? There will be times that we want to deploy just customer 1 code and others where we would want to deploy all customers.

Is the best way to do this with variables and life cycles? Meaning create a life cycle by customer and then create scope variables?

Or is there another way of doing this?


Hi there

Thanks for reaching out!

The best approach in this circumstance is to use Tenants. This will allow you to specify customer specific application directories, paths, databases and more. It will also help in deploying to specific customers.

We’ve got some great documentation on tenants available which should help you set it up.

Hope that helps!