Multiple tentacle versions on same target server


We would like to slowly transition our on-premise Octopus to the cloud, while our deployment targets remain on-premise/the same for the time being.

I’m reading the documentation trying to determine the best practice for the tentacle setup. Our current tentacle versions are 3.22, and the latest version to complement Octopus cloud is 6.1.x

Should I attempt to install another tentacle/instance on the same server alongside the existing, with the intention of the on-premise Octopus process using the 3.22 tentacle, and our new Octopus Cloud infrastructure using the 6.1 tentacle instance?

Any guidance would be appreciated. The closest I could find is Multiple Tentacles with different versions but not sure its still the current advice?


Hi Andrew,

Thanks for getting in touch! I would say the thread you linked to still holds true in that it’s not something we fully support but should be possible in the same way Robert outlined. However I would probably suggest a slight alternative here, first pointing to the following compatibility table in our documentation.

As far back as Octopus v3.3, every version of Octopus Server should be compatible with the latest Tentacle version, so it might be worth considering as an easier option to upgrade your Tentacle versions, then you can configure separate Tentacle instances in that single version.

I hope that helps, and please let me know what you think and how you go!

Best regards,


thanks for the advice, Kenny - very helpful.

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