Multiple teams & Permission Setup in OctopusDeploy


We are in the process of evaluating Octopus deploy as solution for our company.

We have around 5 teams. Each team has generally 4 sets of environments Development, test, Stage and production. Each environments has its own set of servers.

These teams have separate projects. Each projects has its own release cycles. There is very little that is shared in terms of infrastructure between these teams.

Are there any recommendation on how Octopus Server should be set up in these scenarios. Do we do a separate Octopus server for each team? If so is that covered under standard license.

Another question I have is regarding Permission setup.

For any given team there is an active directory group for developers. We need to provide complete access to dev and test environments to this group. They should be able to add machines create releases etc.

For staging and production separate admin active group is present. But we still need to provide Read only access to these environment for developer group.

Looking at how permissions are setup for teams in Octopus I am assuming we will have to define 3 teams.

One for developers active group with all admin roles but limited to dev and test environment.
One for developers active group again with read only roles but limited to staging and production.
One for admin active group with admin roles to all environment.

Is this the best way to approach this.

Let me know if you need more information.


Hi Vinay,

Thanks for getting in touch! Sorry about the delay in getting back to you.
It sounds like you have figured this out already, your proposed solution would be a way to manage this situation and permissions.

To answer your question about the licenses, a single Octopus license covers 3 installs of the Octopus Server.

Your decision will really have to come down to management and who would be responsible for the management of everything. Would you have one person from each team as an administrator or would you have someone from outside the team? Inside Octopus you can set Teams to also be confined to Project Groups, and this could be another way to manage and confine teams to their own areas of the same instance.

Let me know if I can explain any of these parts further